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Canon Tom Carman, once again, has prepared liturgical calendars for the coming year. These are posted on the ANiC website here: www.anglicannetwork.ca/liturgical_calendar.htm

So far Tom+ has completed two versions: one based on the BCP (1962) tradition, and a second one based on Common Worship (Church of England).

These can be downloaded as pdfs.

Thanks Tom+!


GAFCon2 — In Pursuit of Revival

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The GAFCON 2013 Anglican Bishops

The cause of defending the faith in the worldwide Anglican Church was furthered by the second Global Anglican Future Conference.

It was an historic gathering.

In October, 2013, twenty three ANiC delegates from across Canada traveled to Nairobi, Kenya for GAFCon2.  At the meeting, 331 bishops, 482 clergy and 545 laity from 38 countries represented tens of millions of Christians.

Our ANiC Delegates who attended GAFCON 2013

A Church in Need of Reform

Anglicans around the world have been praying and working toward finding a way forward for their Church — a way to safely preserve and preach the good news of Jesus and his work of redemption.  The concern is that Anglican leadership, worship and practices need to remain faithful to the gospel of Christ and the historic faith, so that the message of salvation may continue to be proclaimed in power through the Anglican Church.

A long history precedes the emergence of the GAFcon2 movement.  However, 2008 marked the first official gathering when 1100 Anglicans including bishops, clergy and laity travelled to Jerusalem to confront the Anglican crisis: “to counter a false gospel which was spreading throughout the Communion” (GAFCon2 communique).  That step of faith by so many became the historic meeting at which the defining Jerusalem Declaration was formed.  Since then, orthodox Anglicans have been on a journey seeking global reform within the Anglican Communion.  The Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (GFCA) and the Global Anglican Futures Conference have developed a structure to that end.

GAFCon2 was a great encouragement to ANiC delegates.  They reported their impressions with much enthusiasm and hope for the future:

– Archdeacon Ron Corcoran, British Columbia

“I was privileged to have attended both the conference in Jerusalem and now GAFCON 2 in Nairobi. Whereas Jerusalem was an event, GAFCON 2 established a movement. I was encouraged that we are now developing the infrastructure for a movement within the Anglican Communion that is all about Gospel. We heard about the East African Revival and how God worked in individuals. We talked about re-evangelising the West and I recognized that I as an individual need to live the Gospel so those around me can see Him.”ANiC Council Member Claus Lenk, Toronto.

“I was encouraged and it was a huge point of spiritual renewal for me.”  — Archdeacon Darrell Critch, Newfoundland

Progress was made at GAFCon2 in terms of refocusing and restructuring. The conference Communique underlined that it “acted as an important and effective instrument of Communion during a period in which other instruments of Communion have failed both to uphold gospel priorities in the Church, and to heal the divisions among us.

“I believe that the naming of GAFcon2 as ‘the 5th instrument of Unity’ to be the most prophetic word of the conference”.Bishop Trevor Walters, Western Region Suffragan Bishop

A Church Moving Forward 

The Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans confronted the accelerating deterioration within the communion.  It is committed to “authorize and affirm faithful Anglicans who have been excluded from their diocese or province.”  The Global Fellowship will provide oversight and will discern the need for new provinces, dioceses and churches and will authenticate the ministries as Anglican.  An example is the commitment made to further the establishment of the Anglican Mission in England.

ANiC’s delegates gave reports about the new and positive direction of the communion:

“(GFCA) is no longer looking back, but looking forward to what God has for us in mission in the future. Related to that is the fact that there is a very strong movement of most of the Anglican communion that will be moving forward in this direction without real reference to the Anglican Consultative Council or to Lambeth, or Canterbury. Strong mission is not going through the old instruments of unity.”  — Archdeacon Dan Gifford, British Columbia

“I have been feeling somewhat restless and concerned, that unless we have a global argument of theological realignment in the Anglican Church, ANiC is nothing more than a subculture within the larger and still unrepentant global church.” “I will never forget sitting there, all 1400 of us, with rough draft  (of the communique) in hand…  Strong and clear, it was the brave leadership for which I was hoping.”  — The Rev Jess Cantelon, Quebec.

Four delegates from the Anglican Church of Canada were also in attendance at GAFCon2. The Rt Rev David Parsons, Bishop of the Arctic, wrote:

“I felt that I was with a loving family that I could relate to and that could relate to me. I didn’t feel like an ugly duckling anymore.  I loved the passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ that I saw in Nairobi. I loved being with you, my brothers and sisters and to feel welcomed and at home. Thank you so much for your partnership.”

A Church in Need of Revival

GAFCon2 began with testimonies of the East African Revival, highlighting the church’s need for a fresh move of the Holy Spirit.  Primate Eliud Wabukala led the time of testimony, calling on the church to pray and to seek for a move of God that would be marked by true and practical repentance, whatever the cost.

ANiC members described an African Church still alive with momentum and zeal to reach out to a suffering world.  Many of the delegates shared that, prior to the conference, they had not fully understood the extent to which so many brothers and sisters in their church were regularly experiencing persecution, intimidation and suffering, and that they were dying for their faith in Jesus.  “This is so true” said one bishop to an ANiC delegate at the conference.  “We lost 19 of our people last week.”

GAFCon2 declared that it is a movement, which is in pursuit of Revival.  This was the only agenda set for the conference.  Through the Nairobi communique the Anglican Church has been called back to a focus on Reform and Mission, Proclamation and Revival.

Praise the Lord for his faithfulness.  May the Lord continue to establish His Church for the furthering of His Kingdom on Earth.

*Read the Nairobi Communique from GAFCon2