ANiC’s 5 Ministry Priorites

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Our new diocesan, Bishop Charlie Masters, has set five ministry priorities that we want to mark ANiC Churches. He has appointed champions to encourage and facilitate each priority and help us make these realities in our congregations.

You’ll be hearing a lot more about ANiC’s five priorities. Synod 2014, for example, will focus on these priorities and what we can do to work towards them.

A primary purpose of this blog is to support these priorities.  So stay tuned for priority-related discussions and resources.

Bishop Charlie’s five priorities for ANiC churches are (in brief):

1. Bold witnesses – Every member of every ANiC church will personally have responded to Christ, as well as know how to share the gospel and invite others to come to Christ.

2. Biblically grounded – Every church of ANiC will be known for its strengths in the Bible and expository preaching. Parishioners are able to handle accurately the Word of Truth.

3. Loving children – Every church in ANiC will have a vital ministry to children and youth, leading them to Christ and helping them grow as disciples of Jesus.

4. On mission – We each are intentionally and actively engaging in our communities, nations and world, focused on showing and sharing the love of God and fulfilling the Great Commission.

5. Planting & growing churches – Every congregation is focused on planting another congregation out of their church family. We are working to plant a church in every major community across Canada.

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